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 Amy was my amazing executive coach for 2 years! She pushed me, was truthful and really helped unpeel the layers to get to the core of what I needed to do. She has an amazing ability to read people and situations quickly. I would highly recommend working with Amy if you’re ready to take it to the next level.

I have been working with Amy for eight years. Her warm and personable counsel have helped me gracefully navigate many a storm - from handling difficult conversations with executives one-on-one to public speaking to a room of 600 people. Upon beginning my professional relationship with Amy, it became quickly clear to me that my entire team would benefit from working with her. She has since helped many people in my organization, from senior to middle management, with equally stellar results. In addition to helping us optimize numerous outcomes - such as helping our senior management team break through impasses - she is also a pleasure to work with behind the scenes. Everybody eagerly looks forward to their appointments with her, likely due to her warm and personable rapport that transcends the feel of typical coaching sessions. Her honest and clear assessment of situations makes her suggestions right on the mark. Amy keeps us all productive, resolving issues, and happily moving forward.

Non-Profit, Executive Director

Amy has been a tremendous help to me in my professional and personal growth.  Her dedication, thoughtfulness, creativity and enthusiasm around supporting you to be your best self has been instrumental in making me more comfortable in my skin, which has in turn lead to greater confidence and drive.   She uses humility and humor as a wonderful avenue to show perseverance, which I found to be extremely motivating.  I am so thankful for the time I spent with Amy and have much to thank her for.


Amy has a unique background both in executive coaching but also psychology, skills that complement each other well in helping to navigate the corporate environment. Amy’s coaching was invaluable as I made the transition to a more senior and communication focused role. She has worked with me on strategies related to leadership, how to delegate, create presence and generally feel more comfortable in an expanded and less technical position. Results were rapid and dramatic helping me to acclimate to the new responsibilities. I have also observed her beneficial influence in working with others in our organization. Amy gets results.

CFO for a publicly traded bio-technology company